‘Unbelievable’: Man walks off a bridge in South Africa

In this case, the pedestrian got too close and the car struck the pedestrian.

He was thrown off the bridge, whereupon he ran.

The pedestrian had fallen from the bridge onto a nearby road and died.

“It was just an accident,” he said.

It was reported that the pedestrian had been wearing a helmet and had been hit by the car, which struck him.

“It’s just an unfortunate accident, a tragic accident,” Mr Pemberton said.

The pedestrian who was killed on Sunday morning was the third pedestrian to die on the Cape.

Police said on Monday they were investigating the incident.

It is believed the pedestrian, named as Jules, was walking on the side of a road when the car hit him.

It is believed he died on the spot, with no evidence to suggest the collision was deliberate.

A witness to the accident, who asked not to be named, told reporters that a man walked up the road towards the car.

As he approached, the man ran away, leaving the man’s wife and two children behind.

The witness said the woman and children were crying.

When asked about the possibility of foul play, Mr Pemerton said: “There’s nothing to suggest there was any foul play involved, no evidence that there was anything wrong.

There’s no evidence at all that there were any other vehicles on the road, there’s no indication that any vehicles were on the roads, so we don’t know where the car was coming from.”

Police are currently investigating.