How to get a good job in the pipe industry

Pipe companies can find a way to get the job they want, and a few of them are actually looking to hire people. 

The latest example of the pipe-maker’s willingness to take on more than it bargained for is Lees Industries, which owns the Lees Pipe and Pipe Accessories, Lees Manufacturing and Lees Construction businesses.

The Lees company has been looking for a pipe and pipe assembly technician since October.

That person will be responsible for a number of things, including making pipes, installing fixtures, installing electrical fittings, and fitting them with various attachments.

It will also handle maintenance of pipes and fittings. 

That job will probably pay about $20,000 a year, according to the company’s website. 

Lees says it has been searching for a Pipe and Pipe Assembly Technician for nearly a year. 

I think that there are many employers that are looking to fill this position, said Lees President and CEO, Bill Lees. 

They are looking for someone that has the skills and experience to help us maintain and upgrade our pipes. 

It’s not unusual to hire someone who has been with a pipe company for a while, said Tim Gelles, vice president of corporate communications at Lees, to the Seattle Times. 

If you look at our website, there’s a job ad for a guy that’s been with us for several years and knows what he’s doing. 

We have a lot of qualified individuals that are willing to do this job, said Gellers. 

As for the company hiring a new pipe technician, Gellons says that Lees has made an appointment for that person.