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The average annual salary of an Indian factory worker is Rs 5,200 (about US$7,500) per month, which equates to about $11,000 (about £6,000) per year, according to data from the National Sample Survey Organisation.

The average income for a typical Indian worker is less than that and this includes salaries and allowances, says a 2015 report by the Council for Indian Industry (CII).

In 2016, the average annual income of a factory worker was Rs 15,000 ($21,600) per annum, while the average monthly salary was Rs 3,200 ($4,400).

The survey showed that manufacturing was the second-most popular occupation for Indian workers with around 50% of them in manufacturing.

The report, titled The Importance of a Profitable Company, said that the average salary of a worker in a factory was Rs 2,200 per month (about $4,000).

In contrast, manufacturing was more popular among professionals and executives with the average salaries of Rs 1,200 to Rs 2.50 (about Rs 2 to Rs 4,000), said the report.

The survey also said that factory workers earned around Rs 10,000 per month.

The CII reported that manufacturing accounted for about 11% of India’s GDP.