Sierra Pacific Industries says it will stop producing marine life

Sierra Pacific is the world’s largest producer of marine products and the second-largest producer of seafood.

But its marine-product production has also been under scrutiny by environmentalists and environmental groups.

Now, the company is warning that it will cut back on its marine products.

The company’s chief executive, Joe Stiglitz, made the announcement during a recent conference call with analysts.

Sierra Pacific will be “taking steps to reduce the amount of products we use in the seafood industry,” Stigliz said.

The announcement comes on the heels of a decision by the US government to cut off federal funding to the company’s marine-fishing program, which it said was “an overreach of federal environmental policy”.

The move came as a result of an investigation by the Department of Justice into allegations of corporate corruption and illegal lobbying.

“Sierra Pacific is committed to working to reduce our environmental footprint while continuing to provide high-quality seafood products to our customers,” Stibgliz said in a statement.

Sierra will begin phasing out marine-products by 2023, the statement said.

In addition to its seafood industry, Sierra Pacific owns and operates industrial refrigerators and other refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, as well as refrigeration equipment for aircraft.

Sierra is a major contributor to the global tuna trade.

The tuna trade has been hit by an unprecedented number of illnesses from the mercury-contaminated fish.

In March, Sierra said that it would phase out its tuna-farming business by 2027.

“We are working to determine how to best manage our global tuna fishing business in a way that promotes the health of our customers and the environment,” Stiglitz said.

“This decision reflects our commitment to the sustainable use of our resources and to a sustainable future for the Pacific Northwest.”