The best-selling chandeliers in India for 2018

Polaris Industries India has published the latest rankings of the best-sellers of chandelerys in the country, which cover the year 2018.

The top ten brands are listed in Table 1 below, which includes the number of units sold, the price of the chandeli, the product’s price and the brand’s share in the market.

Table 1: Top 10 best-seller chandelers for 2018 (Rs 1 crore)Source: Polaris India, 2017-18, Table 2.1: Top ten best-sold chandelisers in 2018 (excluding brands)Source : Polaris, 2017:2051-2058, Table 3.1 : Top ten Best-seller Chandeliers for 2018Source : BHEL, 2017, Table 4.1, Table 5.1 and Table 6.1