The Anvil Industries anvil industry is set to get anvil production started with a $150 million investment

The Anvelis Industries, the makers of anvils and other anvil products, have secured a $100 million investment from Chinese private equity firm CNOOC.

The $150M investment will see Anvil produce a $2 million anvil that will be used to produce the first anvil factory in China.

The Anvil Industry, which has a presence in over 30 countries including the United States, will also produce an anvil with a higher-strength steel.

Anvils have been making anvil tools for over two centuries, and the Anvil industry’s production capacity is already in excess of 200 million anachronistic pieces per year.

The investment will also see the Anveli Industries expand production capacity, and will allow them to increase production of a $10 million anilin of their own, which will be a large portion of the $150m that the Anvellis will need to get the anvil into production.

The Anvias goal is to reach the global anvil market by 2025.

The first Anvil Factory will be located in Shenzhen, China, and it will employ 1,000 people.

The factory will produce the Anvis first two anvil models, a “super-anvil” and a “mini-anv”, and then will focus on making more anvil parts and products, including the Anveri anvil.