The best jobs in the music industry for 2018

Newsweek has compiled the top jobs for 2018.

The list shows that there are plenty of jobs in music, film, and TV.

Here’s how Newsweek ranked them.1.

Music Production & Recording Manager2.

Film & TV Director3.



Director of Photography6.

Music Editor7.

Music Composer8.

Producer of Sound Mixing9.

Music Video Editor10.

Audio Engineer11.

Music Artist12.

Recording Engineer13.

Audio Editor14.

Sound Designer15.

Sound Mixer16.

Music Producer17.


Sound Producer19.

Music Engineer20.

Music Supervisor21.

Music Manager22.

Music Designer23.

Music Recordist24.

Sound Recordist25.

Sound Editor26.

Sound Artist27.

Sound Composer28.

Audio Artist29.

Recording Artist30.

Sound Engineer31.

Sound Music Producer32.

Sound Designer33.

Sound Supervisor34.

Sound Production Manager35.

Sound Writer36.

Sound Cinematographer37.

Sound Sound Composing Artist38.

Sound Videographer39.

Sound Art Director40.

Sound VFX Artist41.

Sound Animator42.

Sound Audio Producer43.

Sound Actor44.

Sound Visual Effects Artist45.

Sound Technical Director46.

Sound Programmer47.

Sound Effects Engineer48.

Sound Copywriter49.

Sound Costume Designer50.

Sound Director51.

Sound Graphic Designer52.

Sound Video Editor53.

Sound Web Producer54.

Sound Narrator55.

Sound Modeler56.

Sound Illustrator57.

Sound Concept Artist58.

Sound Digital Artist59.

Sound Social Media Artist60.

Sound Podcasting Artist61.

Sound Blogger62.

Sound Product Designer63.

Sound Advertising Artist64.

Sound Content Creator65.

Sound Community Manager66.

Sound Marketing Strategist67.

Sound Media Designer68.

Sound Business Advisor69.

Sound Developer70.

Sound Executive Director71.

Sound Creative Director72.

Sound Research Scientist73.

Sound Consulting Developer74.

Sound Sales Professional75.

Sound Consultant76.

Sound Account Executive77.

Sound Networker78.

Sound Operations Manager79.

Sound Software Developer80.

Sound Voice Talent81.

Sound Generalist82.

Sound Computer Technician83.

Sound Data Scientist84.

Sound Mechanical Engineer85.

Sound Financial Analyst86.

Sound Medical Consultant87.

Sound Industrial Engineer88.

Sound Environmental Consultant89.

Sound Scientific Consultant90.

Sound Engineering Technician91.

Sound Customer Support Specialist92.

Sound Logistics Specialist93.

Sound Finance Consultant94.

Sound Healthcare Consultant95.

Sound IT Consultant96.

Sound Manufacturing Engineer97.

Sound Information Systems Consultant98.

Sound Energy Systems Consultator99.

Sound Communications Consultant100.

Sound Communication Manager