‘I feel like a loser’: Man gets fined for watching porn on TV

The husband of a porn star was arrested and charged with violating state obscenity laws after he was caught watching the movie “Porn Stars” on TV.

In August of this year, the husband of Jennifer Jones, a porn actor, was arrested on the state’s first criminal obscenities charge of his career, according to a criminal complaint filed in Hamilton County, Ohio.

He pleaded not guilty.

Jones, 36, was charged with obscenious conduct, a misdemeanor, for watching pornographic material while watching television, the complaint said.

Jones was fired from his job as a production assistant at the Cleveland Clinic.

In a statement released Monday by the clinic, the medical center said Jones was terminated after he “made multiple inappropriate and offensive comments to a female employee.”

“It is our deepest sympathies to the family and the Jones family as they mourn the loss of this wonderful family member,” the statement said.

“We are deeply saddened by the events that occurred on May 4, 2017.

We are grateful for the cooperation of the local authorities and are confident that they will take swift action to hold accountable those who are responsible for these egregious acts.”

In a statement, the Cleveland-based Clinic said Jones’ employment was terminated following an internal investigation.

The clinic’s president, Robert M. Johnson, said in a statement that he has “deepest sympathies” for Jones.

He added that he was confident the authorities would “take swift and appropriate action” against those who committed these crimes.

“The fact that this individual has no criminal history is no indication of his innocence,” Johnson said.

He added: “We cannot allow our culture to be corrupted by the perversion of our youth.”

Jones is the son of the late director Jerry Jones, who directed “The Princess Bride.”

He has worked on the likes of “Battlestar Galactica,” “X-Men,” “Star Trek,” “Criminal Minds” and “The Walking Dead.”