How to stop ‘bizarre’ noise at industrial park

RTE 2.8.2016 10:18:08 An industrial park in Co Mayo has become the latest to suffer from a spate of unexplained noise at its gates.

The noise has come from the factory’s main gate, which is the source of the noise.

The noise has started to cause panic and panic is starting to spread through the community.

There have been complaints from residents that they have been hearing loud bangs and the sounds have been causing health problems.

The building has also become a hub for some local businesses who are concerned about the noise coming from the gate.

The gate is currently in use as a testing area and as a way of testing the building’s condition.

However, the noise is so loud it can be heard from across the country and even from the UK.

The noises are not coming from a factory at all, but the noise comes from a generator, which produces a high-pitched noise, which can be felt when driving at night.

The generator is the primary source of noise in the building.

The generator is also the main source of ambient noise in this building.

The local authority has contacted the company that operates the generator to determine if the noise can be dealt with.

They are yet to receive a response.

A spokesman for the local authority said that they had been informed that the noise could be reduced by using a quieter generator, and they would liaise with the company to ensure it is a viable option.

However there are no restrictions on what noise can come from inside the building, and noise complaints are not being taken seriously.

Local resident Richard Kiely said that the noises were being heard from the outside.

The noise started on the Sunday and continued to the following Tuesday. “

It’s very weird, it’s quite bizarre.”

The noise started on the Sunday and continued to the following Tuesday.

He added: “It was very strange, it was like it was a spaceship was going on for about 20 minutes.”

I have to go home to hospital every day.

“The noise comes out of the generator and it’s very noisy.”

When I’m walking around the garden, I hear it and I’ve got a very loud noise coming out of my head.

“It’s not coming through the building so it’s like you’re going to get a bang and it doesn’t sound like anything else.”

A spokesperson for the company operating the generator told that it was investigating the noise, but did not want to comment further at this time.