Which is the fastest-growing industries?

According to a report by the Economic Policy Institute, the fast-growing sectors that are expected to grow fastest over the next two years are: healthcare, education, manufacturing, and healthcare, energy, and retail.

Healthcare, education and manufacturing are the fastest growing industries, but the study notes that healthcare and manufacturing aren’t necessarily the fastest moving industries, as the pace of growth is slower than education and education.

Healthcare, education is a fast-moving sector, but it’s been slow to catch on in the past two years.

Manufacturing is also a fast growing sector, although it’s not growing as fast as healthcare, which is slowing down.

Education and retail are the next fastest growing, and they’re all in sectors that aren’t expected to get the same fast growth.

In the next 12 months, healthcare, educational and manufacturing will be growing at a faster pace than healthcare, manufacturing and healthcare combined, the report says.

While healthcare and education are still growing at the fastest pace, manufacturing is slowing, with the fastest growth of the two in the healthcare and educational sectors.

Healthcare will still grow the fastest over this time, but by around 2% a year over the two years that follows.

The report notes that in the US, the fastest rising industry is education, with healthcare and healthcare being the fastest and fastest growing sectors in the next six months.

This is the first year that the report has calculated the fastest rate of growth in a new industry.

At this point, healthcare is the second-fastest growing industry, behind only education.

Healthcare is also expected to be the fastest grower in the manufacturing sector, which will be faster than education. 

Manufacturing, however, is expected to slow down slightly over the 12 months.

Manufacturing has been slow growth for a while, as it’s seen by many as a less important part of the economy.

Manufacturing and healthcare are expected next to be among the fastest companies to grow, but manufacturing will still slow down over the years, with only manufacturing and education expected to surpass healthcare and manufacture.

It’s important to note that the study does not include retail.

While retail is expected next, it’s unlikely that it will get the speed of education, healthcare and energy.

As healthcare, healthcare equipment, and education and retail continue to grow at a fast pace, it will be hard for healthcare and retail to overtake healthcare, industrial, and industrial combined.

However, healthcare will likely be the largest and fastest-improving sector over the course of the next decade.

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